Our Wine

Every ingredient matters when making honey wine. That is why we ensure the purity of the honey that we use by working closely with providers to ensure that all our honey comes from America and is True Source Certified by an independent third party. The quality of our water is also of the up-most importance. We have worked hand and glove with water purity engineers to design the custom system implemented at our winery.


Most of our wines can be found in any Total Wines and More in Texas.

Mayan Voyage


A Voyage for your Palate

It starts with a big rich honey flavor, then transforms from the sensation of tasting honey to drinking chocolate, and finishes with just a whisper of spiciness. Then your toes curl, and your eyes roll into the back of your head and you look for something stable to grab onto.

375ML 12.5% ABV




Cellar Dry

Deception manifest in Wine

On the nose, the sweet aromas of honey and forest and all the sweet nectar smells that the bees have collected, but on the palate… Cellar Dry is crisp, creamy, and most surprisingly… dry.

750ML 12.5% ABV





Sweet Banquet

Sweet like Honey, Fun like Wine


This is honey all grown up for adults. Fun and playful, Sweet Banquet is pleasantly sweet and easily enjoyed. Everything you would expect from a wine made from honey.

750ML 12.5% ABV