Queens Winery


VinoSay Engraving is a division of Queens Winery and yet everyone asks “So, how is the wine?” Most of our engraved bottles are never opened, but if they are, there is no reason to be concerned.

“The best bottle of wine you will ever have,

is the one you share with someone special.”

Wine brings people together like nothing else can. Here at Queen’s Winery we specialize in making honey wine. Our wines are better for the earth, better for others and better for you. 

General Information

All our Wines are award winners, so quality is not the question. The real question is what kind of wine do you like? Something sweet and fun or something dry and complex? Or maybe something different like our chocolate dessert port style wine Mayan Voyage.

Our Wines

Every ingredient matters when making honey wine. That is why we ensure the purity of the honey that we use by working closely with providers to ensure that all our honey comes from America and is True Source Certified by an independent third party. The quality of our water is also of the up-most importance. We have worked hand and glove with water purity engineers to design the custom system implemented at our winery.


Everyone says they make good wine. We prove it. There is a lot to proud of. Every one of our wines is an award winner. What makes these even more amazing is that most of the competitions we enter do not have a category just for honey wine. Most of these were won against grape wines.