General Information about Queen’s Winery

All our Wines are award winners so quality is not the question. The real question is what kind of wine do you like? Something sweet and fun or something dry and complex? Or maybe something different like our chocolate dessert port style wine Mayan Voyage.

From our winery in Garland Texas we precisely control every aspect of wine making to produce the finest honey wine anywhere. Our wines are made exclusively from honey and are completely free of grapes. We proudly produce Honey Wines over grape wines because of all the flavor, purity, ecological benefits of honey over grapes.

Honey has wonderfully nuanced flavors and aromas locked with in, just waiting to be opened up by our wine, and enjoyed by you. When you think about the small variety of wine grapes and the awesome number of flowers that bees visit, you begin to realize how much there is out there that you’ve been missing.

Every ingredient matters when making honey wine. That is why we ensure the purity of the honey that we use by working closely with providers to ensure that all our honey comes from Texas and is True Source Certified by an independent third party. The purity of our water is also of the up-most importance. We have worked hand and glove with water purity engineers to design the custom system implemented at our winery.

Honey wine is better for the environment than grape wine. Bottle for bottle, honey wine uses 1000+ times less water, land, and other natural resources. In addition to the minimal impact, the bees pollinate flowers as they collect the nectar for honey. So when you enjoy the taste and aroma of our honey wine, you also get to enjoy the feeling of knowing that you are helping to preserve nature and help it bloom.

Honey wine is the oldest form of alcohol known to mankind, or womankind for that matter. It predates written history and even the wheel and axle. The oldest known bottle of anything is over 9,000 years old and it happens to be a bottle of Honey Wine.

The next time you consider a grape wine think about this “What goes on the vine goes in the wine.” This includes things like fertilizers and pesticides. The only thing that we remove from the Honey is the sugar as a part of the fermentation process.  

So, enjoy our honey wine. The most ancient of drink produced with the most modern precision.


“I got an engraved bottle for my wife Susan and she LOVED IT.  Mayan Voyage is a Delicious wine… you simply have to taste it. “

Jon-David Wells

Radio personality on

660am KSKY DFW